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The Department of Reproductive Medicine at Narayana Health deals with issues of sexual education, puberty, infertility, diseases of the reproductive system (including STDs), sexual dysfunction, menstruation problems, ovulation dysfunction, as well as gynecologic disorders that affect fertility. The department has extensive experience in providing assisted conception techniques and surgical corrections in the treatment of infertility in males and females.

Reproductuve Procedures Performed At Narayana Health:

  • - Assisted reproductive techniques IUI, IVF, and ICSI.
  • - Surgical management of conditions responsible for female infertility such as
    1. Fallopian tube defects.
    2. PCOD/PCOS.
    3. Endometriosis.
    4. Fibroids.
  • - The department works in tandem with the department of Urology to provide medical and surgical management of male infertility.
    1. Vasovasostomy.
    2. Varicocelectomy.
    3. Epididymovasostomy.
    4. TURED.

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