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The Department of Genetics at Narayana Health offers comprehensive clinical services. Manned by a team of experienced and skilled specialists and scientists, it offers genetic counselling, genetic testing and diagnostic services to individuals and families affected by genetic disorders. It also works to provide the latest information and procedures to expectant families so as to avoid a wide range of genetic problems in an unborn foetus. The department houses state-of-the-art clinical genetics, cytogenetic, metabolic, and molecular laboratories that provide diagnostics and related services.

Key Conditions Diagnosed & Treated at Narayana Health:

  • - Congenital Heart Disease
  • - Dysmorphic Syndromes
  • - Chromosomal Disorders
  • - Inherited Metabolic Disorders
  • - Skeletal Dysplasias
  • - Hereditary Cancers
  • - Inherited Neurological Disorders
  • - Inherited Deafness and Blindness
  • - Inherited Vascular Disorders and Haemoglobinopathies
  • - Consanguinity related genetic disorder
  • - Congenital Anomalies and Inherited Birth Defects
  • - Infertility or recurrent miscarriages due to genetic problems

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