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At Narayana Health, treatment of Diabetes is comprehensive and starts with preventive checks which can help those at risk avoid completely. For those with diabetes, Narayana Health’s team of expert diabetologists and trained medical staff offer care for the various types and stages of diabetes. The department also has certified educators to offer diabetes counselling and Dieticians to provide customised meal plans. Treatment options range from medication and dietary guidance to implanting insulin pumps and surgery in cases where the disease is caused by other conditions such as obesity. Our dedicated diabetes clinics provide services such as laboratory tests, glucose monitoring and insulin pump services.

Major Diabeties Services at Narayna Health:

  • - Foot care - Screening for high-risk cases and management of foot ulcers
  • - Eye care - Care for Diabetes Retinopathy, Muscular Disorders, Cataracts, and Glaucoma
  • - Kidney Care - Care to prevent or delay the development of diabetic kidney disease
  • - Weight management - Services include guidance on appropriate nutrition and robotic bariatric surgery
  • - Diabetes in Children - The paediatric, nutrition and other allied departments at Narayana Health lend their expertise in treating and caring for minors with the disease.

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