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The Paediatric Cardiology department at Narayana Health is one of the most comprehensive and experienced in the country. Working closely with other paediatric departments at Narayana Health, the team treats a wide range of foetal, neonatal and paediatric cardiac conditions. The team consists of highly qualified and skilled paediatric cardiologists and electrophysiologists with extensive experience. Facilities at our internationally accredited hospitals include Hybrid and Digital Cath Labs, TMT, Holter monitors, and dedicated Electrophysiology centres.

Treatment for Paediatric Cardiac conditions vary based on the severity and complexity of the condition and ranges from medication, therapy, and lifestyle modifications to interventional procedures and heart surgeries.

Key Peadiac Cardiac Conditions Treated at Narayana Health:

  1. - Congenital Valve Defects
  2. - Congenital Heart Diseases
  3. - Inherited Congenital Heart Diseases
  4. - Heart Rhythm Disorders
  5. - Cardiac conditions caused by other medical conditions

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