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Baby Miracle’s journey of hope at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah

Baby Miracle from Nigeria was treated for a condition known as “Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)” which is one of the common causes of ‘”blue babies”, Dr. Debasis Das Consultant - Cardiac Surgery along with his multidisciplinary team at NSH Howrah successfully operated baby Miracle. Her parents share their experience at Narayana Health.

Md. Musadiq and Zaynab Nazari two children from Afghanistan successfully treated | Patient Talk

Back in his home country Omarzai Musadiq, a 2 years old baby, was diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect. They came to Narayana Hospital for treatment and upon tests they were advised a VSD Closure procedure, which is the commonly advised treatment for such a defect. He had a speedy recovery and his smile was the reward that was needed. 4 year old Zaynab Nazari also came along with Omarzai for a similar defect in her heart. However, in her case a VSD Closure procedure using a stent was performed. She did not have to undergo an open-heart surgery as an intravenous approach was taken.

Breast Cancer Patient From Nigeria Talks About Her Treatment At Narayana Health City, India.

Mrs. Patience Ikwunze from Nigeria was despondent after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer but thankfully, a fellow cancer survivor referred her to Narayana Health. Mrs. Ikwunze and her husband were impressed with the facilities at the Hospital, the care and motivation provided by Dr. Pragnya Coca, Consultant, Medical Oncology, and the services provided by the patient team. Mrs. Ikwunze is now well and says she would recommend NH to anyone looking for world-class medical care.

Nigerian National Talks About his Kidney Transplant At Narayana Health City, India.

Mr. Atolagbe Koya had been on dialysis for three years when his doctors in Nigeria advised him to seek a kidney transplant and recommended Narayana Health. While initially concerned about the logistics of travelling to a foreign nation for medical care, he and his family were pleased with the end-to-end services provided at NH. Mr. Koya’s transplant was performed by a team lead by Dr. Krishna Kishore, Consultant, Kidney Transplant. The transplant was successful and a now healthy Mr. Koya believes that Narayana Health is the best Hospital in the nation.

Lymphoma Survivor Talks About His Treatment At Narayana Health City, India.

Nigerian National Mr. Temidayo Akinsanmi was a stage 4 lymphoma patient and when he came to Narayana Health, he was in a wheelchair and underweight. He was treated by Dr. Pragnya Coca, Consultant, Medical Oncology, and underwent Chemo and radiotherapy. Mr. Akinsanmi was very pleased with the patient services and facilities at the hospital and is now cured and healthy. He recommends Narayana Health for it world class services and medical excellence.

Sanusi Salisu from Nigeria speaks about NH Jaipur, India.

Mr. Sanusi Salisu from Nigeria had suffered due to kidney stones. Upon his sister’s suggestion, he came to Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur, India for treatment. The experts performed URS (Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy) procedure. Mr. Sanusi Salisu and his family are immensely satisfied with the services and experience at Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur.

Mr. Shaken dada from Nigeria treated for Chest Pain at NH Health City,Bangalore, India

Mr. Shaken dada had chest pain and was suggested to go to India for treatment. While he was trying to choose a hospital in India, his friends suggested Narayana Health Bangalore, India, after searching over the internet. Mr. Shaken dada was going through a lot of trouble when he first visited NH Health City. However, after his treatment he got relief from his chest pain and was happy with the hospital’s services, at the time of his discharge.Watch him sharing his experience at NH Health City.

Orelape Arauf from Nigeria talks successful Spine Surgery at NH Health City

Orelape Arauf from Nigeria, upon a friend’s suggestion, came to Narayana Health, Bangalore for the treatment of back pain. He was relieved of the pain after his spine surgery. He is satisfied with the services provided to him at Narayana Health and is thankful the NH staff who attended to him. Watch the video as he shares his experience at NH.

Mrs. Akani from Nigeria Appreciates the Services Provided at NH Health City

Ms. Akani had accompanied her husband Mr. Sachnda Akani from Nigeria, as he had suffered a stroke and also had a swelling on his back. While they were trying to choose a hospital for treatment in India, their friend suggested NH Health City, Bangalore, India. They decided to go with their friend's suggestion and were immensely satisfied with the services offered to Mr. Sachanda. Watch Mrs. Akani sharing her experience at NH Health City.

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